"Stephen Long, who passed away last year in his eighties, was a quiet
man, gentle, charming and of the old school, an antique dealer who knew
his stuff. His shop on the Fulham Road was the manifestation of his
sensibility and taste, a lifetime of looking at things, displaying a
keen eye for colour and form and a playful delight of contrast and in
gathering collections. Like all the best dealers, he was a collector who
only sold things to make room for the new"     From 'Spitalfields Life' by
The Gentle Author.

His collections and shop contents came to Cheffins sale room in
Cambridge after his home was dismantled where I was able to photograph
many of the pieces before their dispersal and onward journeys to new
owners or temporary custodians.Heaven only knows where the objects in these prints are now.

There are nine in all, they have been printed in Silver on Zerkall smooth paper and cased by Amelie at Wyvern Bindary.
They are also available printed singly in Velvet Black on Zerkall.