Wayfaring is not just a transitional activity but a way of being. Through the active monitoring of the landscape one is sustained. Stopping, sampling, taking stock make up the weave of the Wayfarers life.
A series of aquatints printed from a single copper plate - a palimpsest- of objects that have caught my attention. Over one hundred prints in a traveling box. Each can stand alone or collectively are taken to different locations for arranging, considering and recording.

It is important to me that there are connections in my work. These might be visual or theoretical, some hidden determinate at work or something synchronistic that is completely out of the blue and like a piece of jigsaw that I didn’t know was lost.
The best part of taking stock or tarrying is finding what resonates. As in Sebold’s or maybe Chatwin’s writing one thing opens up another. Or Mrs. Dalloway hearing the leaden circles of the bells chime ‘ for heaven knows why one loves it so, how one sees it so, making it up, building it round one, tumbling it, making it, creating every moment afresh’ she ponders the active composition of everyday reality. And then again like Moley first sensing the inexorable pull of the air above ‘hang spring cleaning’ or later on in the winter when he catches the sudden sweet scent of home in the air. There it is again, that moment, that object, the thing that causes the wayfarer to tarry and take stock.